Friday, April 5

Quick Update!

Back from vacation last week. Shall post it about my trip ASAP! I'll try my best. hahaha Still haven't compile all my photos yet, stuck in the camera for weeks already. Can't possibly abandon my blog for so long right??

Just a little bits of update after I'm back from vacation. I was thinking that I had lots of work to do after returning to office, but apparently I finished everything withing 3 hours. Then I have nothing to do again. Free much!? Hello anyone wanna hire me as journalist? I may not be the best but I'll try. :P

(Disclaimer: Got it from Google. Bye)

So spring is within March and April. Yup Spring!! Love spring!! But when I'm back KK after my vacation all I encounter was the heat! MaiGoodNess I don't know how we could handle the heat of all these years. LOL

Anyway and finally, the Parliament is Disband! Voting time soon! Make the change people! Make the change! For better future and whatsoever! That's all I could say. Oh btw I can't vote yet. hahahaha I'm still underage please. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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