Thursday, February 28

CNY Foodies

Foodies post here! As you all know. I went back to my hometown during CNY. Chinese New Year is all about good and delicious food. If you don't get fat during CNY there's something wrong with you. LOL. Apparently we arrived Sandakan during CNY Eve evening. I had to say long hour road journey was horrible. 

So we're so tired and exhausted. We didn't manage to take our CNY Eve dinner FOOD picture!!! NUUUUUUUUU!!! Hahaha Still managed to took few picture the next day. Let the picture do the talking! All is home cooked meal. *slurps* *drools*

CNY Day 1 : Dinner
All was left over food from the morning breakfast except some of them and the meat.

Dad was waiting for me to finished up taking photos hahaha. 

CNY Day 2 : Morning

Very the very hearty breakfast! 

Main course for breakfast. Pork knuckle! 

Its some sort of our tradition that we have to eat vegetable/ no meat on CNY Day one morning only. So all the left over food were brought up again for dinner but added more choices of meat tho. Its just morning that were all eating vegetarian.

On the CNY day 2 itself we brought up all the left over food from morning to dinner also. We can't eat up all the food in the morning since its just too much. I bet you'll think that we're weirdo eating such meal in morning. HAHA but we do eat like these in the morning for CNY ONLY! Special case for my family LOL

We won't be having lunch after breakfast till dinner. In the afternoon we would be enjoying some dessert (next post, more food post!) or having CNY snacks. Too much food to indulge. That's how basically we spend our CNY. Just a random and loving relationship with food. HAHAHA 

I still haven't finished up with food post yet. THERE'S MORE! Hahahaha Will be up on next post. :)

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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