Friday, February 1

New Background

New Year, New Resolution and New Background for my Twitter! hahaha
I got bored on my nature background for twitter.
I had my previous background since 3 years ago when I just started having twitter account.

No I'm not putting moustache as my twitter background.
It's weird and too bright in color as in white background. LOL
Just to tell you'll each of the picture there're MOUSTACHE print all over! haha

It's private so back out people and don't ask whats the hidden tweet. haha :P

Now I'm looking for something cool and simple. So I tried out strips, Similar to America flag but not so good for my eyes still too bright. -.- Yeah still too bright. I can't stand the brightnes of the background. I got so headache and my eyes gets tired & worn out for looking at the screen too long.

The strips ones and this stars one were actually similar. So ended up I choosing this! Blue!! Soothing and not so torture eyes. I still kept my style there by not changing the cover. I somehow really like nature green.

Even it doesn't match my new current background I still wanna kept my fav ones. Teehee! I actually took the picture at my trip at Kuching you can view my post Day 1 , Day 2 & Last Day if your keen to look into it. haha :D 

Feel free to comment! 

Cheers and God Bless! 

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