Friday, February 22

Recap of CNY Week

Hi I'm back again! Chinese New Year week is just as boring as much! During the CNY week I went back to my dad's hometown in Sandakan (If you haven't read my previous blog post, here it is CNY Mood!) Every year and every time, when its the New Year of Chinese people our family would travel back to our hometown for a reunion every year. Cause we only get to met them once a year! Sad huh!? 

This time we traveled by car again (Air ticket to expensive during holiday). It means that my dad drove. My dad is an expert in driving sloppy road, slippery road, but its kinda scary and dangerous. My dad even drove up till 100km/h up to hills and all the way to Sandakan. WTF! The road to Sandakan is just as shit as it is. Its like never ending complete with the road construction. Forever bumping road on land travelling. 

On the way from Ranau to Sandakan we nearly die. Seriously no jokes here. Because its raining during our ride, all the rain water fill up all the holes on the road. You barely see any sign of it, its like a perfect land.  The way my dad avoid the bumpy road was just extremely incredibly amazingly dangerous!!! Its like turning 90 degree to the right and another 90 degree to the left just to avoid the bumpy road. Mom and I had a mini heart attack moment. As if we're really going to crush downhill. 

Anyway we survive!! (If not I won't be blogging now! *Choi* *Palis Palis*) I can't sleep at all during the travelling. Its just too dangerous to sleep. LOL But I really thank God for All His Mighty! We arrived safely to Sandakan!

And the journey of Food begins when we stepped into Sandakan. HAHAHA Will be blogging lots of food post soon after I edit all my photos. Soon to be seen! 

Just in case if you don't know where is Sandakan. Here's the picture for you to imagine. hahaha
(Disclaimer : Pic below belongs to their respective owner. Its only for an illustration, for those who never visit Sandakan. KThxBye.)

Can you see the map!? If you can't please enlarge it for more clearer visual. Basically we travel by land from the left (Kota Kinabalu) to the right (Sandakan)

A very beautiful city right!? Lots of nature surrounding the place as well a lot of PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) hahaha. Still very disappointed with the amount of immigrants entering our State without any restriction control.

Anyway we ended up returning to KK on the 4th day of CNY which was on Wednesday (supposed to be back on Thursday). We're too bored. Even tho we're excited on the first day. LOL I just want to go back and catch up with baby cousin, Coulson! Big boy! I'm missing him already! :O

Overall I'm having lotsa fun getting angpau (red packets). All the money were given to my mom since we're going for travelling. So we didn't save money from the angpau we got. Sad ass man. But I'm excited for the travelling too!

Will be updating another blog post soon, full of food entries! Next time when you're reading my food post remember to get ready a bucket, so ur saliva won't drip on the table! hahahaha

Cheers and God Bless!

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