Sunday, February 3

Gangnam Style

I know I know. The title itself its a bit like, 'What!? Still Gangnam Style?? I hate the song already!' True everyone hates the song already (maybe no). Okay I hate it already. The voice, the rhythm & beat, the video, the dance. FED UP WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT GANGNAM STYLE!! (Vomit blood if I heard it again) 

The song went so viral everyone is doing the same thing every time, and everywhere!! I think Psy itself also gets fed up before we're getting sick of it. 

Did you all know that Psy is going to be in Malaysia on 11th Feb 2013, Penang, to perform for CNY celebration? And guess who invited them!? The one that has money from tax payers, the one that control the country with our money. The BN / government. 

Technologies is just so amazing! With one post or any news which posted, the whole nation knows it. Just go and look into this blog It stated that, asking Psy to perform a song for that day cost them RM 2 MILLION! A SONG! A SONG FOR RM 2 MILLION!!!

Why don't you give that money to Sabah and Sarawak! Or used the money in a good way instead of spending money on celebrities so that we can vote for BN? Tacky trick but we ain't fall for it!

Seriously the more they did to attract voters to vote for them, the more we couldn't accept the way they were. They have been postponing the voting till now, even more and more people won't vote for them (I guess). As time goes by everyone knows all your flawless your stupidity action & speech & some times it doesn't even makes sense. 

You can never please the society, never. As for Malaysia, price for living expenses has been increased again.  I thought the economy is doing good!? Oh nevermind! The more I talk about my country the more I'm pissed off! Just don't wanna spoil your mood! Sorry if I sound rude! 

Enjoy the Jayesslee Cover! 
Best cover ever!

I pray that our country will be in peace!
God Bless everyone!

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