Sunday, September 9

Kuching Trip Day 2

Woke up around 8 am and went to the hotel's cafe for breakfast buffet. Food was quiet bland and simple. Its crowded with people too. After breakfast we went to the open space balcony where we can view the city.

Even we had our breakfast and a walked at the hotel, it's still early for mall to open. So dad & mom and I went for walk nearby the area since we've booked shuttle bus on tour to city centre later on tour. Crown Towers is actually office, a location for banks. Behind the building it has a small mall.

None of the shop was open but the mall is open since there's an event going on there. It was Chinese chess competition. Quite amazing tho.

I thought that Kuching doesn't have Japanese restaurant but eventually I've seen a few one at the mall. I've go through the menu and their set were reasonable, but color plates were expensive. It's different than KK.

Even tho the mall is small but their decoration was amazing and vintage style.

We stayed at 360 hotel. Since we've booked earlier the price is cheap and reasonable too. The distance between the airport to hotel is 20minutes, hotel to city centre is 10minutes. Very convenient too. The hotel itself has small mall inside so it's very convenient if we need anything.

A very unique guitar displaying in the mall. 

My love at first sight!!

It's huge, fluffy and comfy. <3

After a morning walk near the hotel we went back to hotel and get ready for trip to city centre.

Meow meow meow :3

This is the view from the river side at city centre

Amazing structure of birds. I think it's a Hornbill. 

I've always loved this flowers.

Park near the river side.

Another structure of Kuching. I see no cats in the street or anywhere.

Otw to India Street we found this typical building located beside the river side. I thought bro and mom asked me to took picture of them with this building is just for fun but actually it's a Chinese History Museum. There's a short video inside the Museum that introduced how Chinese people came to Sarawak. Very interesting actually. Gained a little bit of knowledge towards our history and ancestor surname. No camera was allowed tho. :(

We walked all the way from the river side to India street. Most of them sells clothes, accessories and shoes. Since the name of the street is India street I thought there would be loads of India people but actually the owner is Chinese people. -.- Super unexpected.

There's one typical baker shop located in India Street was just plain awesome. The smell is just amazing. Mom and I actually attracted by the scent and people that hold a plastic bag contained food in it. The shop was located in the middle corner of India Street. Good stuff always hiding unless you looked into it.

We bought siew pau each for Rm1.70, Others were out of stock, haha I mean it's all sold out or still unbake yet. Non halal please. The filling and the skin taste sooooooo goood!!!! I think it's the best of the best. Better than KK one. The filling taste like steam 'pai guat' very juicy as well and not oily at all since it was baked.

We continue our journey by walking walking and walking. We went to another side of the street and went into some random kedai kopi. 

We're exhausted and the weather is hot, luckily it's not sunny. We went to have a rest as well as tried out their delicacies tanghoon with stuffed taufu and meatball, and satay. They grilled satay in the afternoon. In KK we only enjoy satay at night. Their satay taste like heaven LOL. Nonetheless cina style marinaded beef so the beef satay taste soo good!!

On the day we arrived to the hotel we've( bro & me) did a little survey on this particular wine and bar restaurant. They serve huge portion of food. That's what we're attracted to try it out. So at 2nd night we tried out at Alfresco which in KK sutera has it too.

Chicken chop. Not only the plates were big but the portion is big too.

Spaghetti Carbonara. Super creamy and cheesy

Chicken chop topped with Cheese

Seafood combo. A lot of fried sotong, 1 big fried fish, 4 prawns and 4 mussel not to forget mash potato and vege as side dish. 

Very surprised by the fact that they don't charge tax nor service charge at all. Super reasonable and cheap and delicious as well. Very recommended to those who are big eater.
 The place is like another version of Upperstar, a lot of youngster went there for dinner. 

That's basically how we spend our day in Kuching.
Peace (Y)

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