Tuesday, February 26

Diana's 21th Birthday

Outdated blog post! But I still wanna post it cause... I just want too. LOL I was invited by the birthday girl like 3 or 4 days before her actual party. I was like WHAT?? Last minute preparation! I was thinking of what to buy for her. So stress ya know!? She own like everything I mean EVERYTHING! Hahaha 

So I decided to buy a box of accessories and some hair accessories together.
 And chip in with one of my friend. But now when I think of it maybe we should just give angpau (red packet) instead, cause she can use the money and buy stuff she likes. 

Ain't she pretty!? Yet older than me 1 year old.
 I look ugly and old beside her. tsk tsk tsk T.T I have a low self esteem. LOL

I don't know how we ended up being best friend. 
Seriously, I think its through one of my high school bff who is very sociable. 

After we became friends (both of them in the pic) we always hang out together after school 
and sometimes go to the nearest shopping mall for lunch or shopping. 
For healthy purpose we even went to jogging every Friday!

I'm the geek, Birthday girl is the popular and lazy, 
My driver is half geek, half popular & half lazy HAHAHA Sorry! :P

Its fun to hang out with them. 
We talk a lot, discuss a lot, gossip a lot most important is
we cherish our friendship <3

I look liked a pervert smelling her hair / wanted to kiss her pervertly WTF! HAHAHA

Even though we graduated and hardly hang out now 
but we still contact each other, chat a lot, 
try to squeeze in time if we could hang out.

Once again Happy 21th Birthday to You Diana!
You're turning 22 this year! 
Live Young and Wild.

Love you and Carrie! 
Cheers and God Bless.

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