Friday, February 8

Chinese New Year Mood

Hello everyone! Ni hao! Ohaiyo! Annyong Haseyo! Been neglecting my blog for awhile now! I have nothing to blog lately. Again lazy and busy at work! Basically tomorrow is CNY Eve, today everyone seems to be having their holiday, ready to go back to their hometown and also do a last minute shopping spree!

I didn't manage to buy clothes for CNY at all no not even one. Seriously! I bought a green dress and a blue chiffon shirt on my last years Christmas. I've worn the green dress so I kept the blue shirt for CNY. Yeah I know blue doesn't even match for CNY celebration. But I have no time for shopping at all. I'm just a sad ass now. 

I think I'll be wearing back old dresses that suits the feel for CNY celebration. I won't be celebrating CNY in KK. Will be going back to Sandakan so nobody knows I've worn the dress before. hahaha So yeah.

Anyway every time New Year or CNY is here everyone was expecting increase of salary and also bonus. Since I just started working in a new company for last 4 months I thought that I would be receiving bonus as well. Apparently I don't. To receive a bonus I should at least work for the company for at least a year.

So I've been expecting a lot this year but it turn out to be a disappointment. Kinda sad tho. But at least we received an angpau (red packet). Its better than none. Oh well life goes on. Need to work hard!

Hope everyone had a blast on CNY Celebration! Won't be updating so frequently as I'm enjoying the holiday mood, getting all fatten up by delicious food and a family reunion!

Lastly I wanna wish you all Happy Chinese New Year 2013! 

Drive safely &
God Bless Everyone!

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