Friday, September 7

Kuching Trip Day 1

It was a sunny Sunday. Our flight to Kuching was around 4pm. Suppose to be on 3.30pm but it delayed.  There's so many tourist at the boarding area. Especially China people. Go back to your own country. LOL. Angmoh please come to Sabah more often. LOLLL. I like to see angmoh people than China people. haha Sorry for being sarcastic. 

The most amazing scenery was when we're up on the sky. Plane go through clouds and dark clouds. 

Upon arrival I am amazed by the security and immigration. Better than airasia KK. Airasia KK please improve!?
We were greeted by the hotel shuttle van service because we pre-booked earlier. When we first arrived Kuching I imagined that the place must be very modern like KK. It's actually the opposite side of it.

The road was at it's most undesirable condition. Construction is undergoing. Local people's driving skill was the utmost shit ever. We almost had an accident on the way to the hotel. WTF!! Super bad experience ever. Okay anyway, the purpose of going to Kuching for the trip was because of the food fest. But that time it's Hari Raya so the food fest was conducted earlier than expected. The day we arrived NO MORE FOOD FEST! FML Mom was so disappointed.

At night we ended up looking like a stranded hungry people looking for food. haha Because almost all of the restaurant was close due to public holiday. We all ended up in vegetarian restaurant. There's so many vegetarian restaurant in Kuching.

The food was amazing even it's a vegetarian.  It's creepy outside few lights we on, streets was really quiet. So of course after dinner we went back to hotel. We went to the 3rd and 4th for a walk around the hotel.

The view was quite amazing at night especially from the pool side.

We bought this moon cake at the vegetarian restaurant when we had our dinner. It was prescript as the best recipes in region!? So we tried out and bought 1 and durian flavor as well. They don't call it moon cake they call it Mook Cake. hahahaha I think they printed wrong.

The original one taste the best especially the outer skin. Instead of sweet it's salty taste because it's vegetarian. I don't like the taste of  this durian because it taste like fermented paste instead of fresh durian taste. 

Here's the over view of the hotel we're staying. We actually booked deluxe room but all the room were not available or having technical problem so they changed our room to apartment room. Inclusive of living room and  kitchen.

The room wasn't that bad, the air-cond was really freezing even when the temperature level was at 25degree. Can you see!? All the shop were close. It's only from the light street that lights through the night. 

Luckily dad brought laptop to Kuching. Mom was worried that something could happen to our stuff. But everything was okay. Nothing lost or loss anyway. haha It was really a fun day there's up and down times too. 

Peace (Y)

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