Wednesday, November 28

Costume of the night

This year our performance was a bit extravaganza so we tailor-made our own costume just for this performance. White silk for the body part and black chiffon for the wavy sleeve and for body curve effect. The skirt of course particularly ordered from China since its cheaper and sponsored. After the top was finished all we do was just decorate our top, color matching with the skirt red in color. 

At first the design was like this above. But it somehow looks weird on us. Since the polka dot was added too much and we looked like a clown. So we removed some of it and it ended up like this. 

TADAAAAAAA!!! It looks better now!

We did this for like 2 days. The most hard part was the ribbon. So hard to make ribbon when the material is soft and got lots of hole. My mom managed to make it nicer than me. Mom always the Prooooo!! Hahaha But neither I'm bad as well. :P

Cheers! :) 

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