Sunday, May 8

Moving forward!

Few months ago I was so negative & devastated with myself. I was in a very self conscious thinking. I felt that I was unable to achieve all things that I need to get it done. I'm not moving on because it was the lowest time of my life. I shut myself up so badly & it was the worst time of my life. At that time I was jobless & depressed as well. It took me some time to get over it. Since I'm taking my time slowly & gradually picking up myself in better way.

Along the journey I still felt horrible & terrified as well but eventually it fades off. I pray & received countless prayer from my friends & family. They are all my pillar to my strength. Going through this alone was very hard. As my heart fights with my brain. Nonetheless blessed to received guidance through Jesus Christ! 

Roller coaster ride was not fun but a journey to improve myself. My parents pushes me and helping me even though I refused. And I manged to completed my IELTS exam! As the exam ended yesterday I felt like I was reborn! Throughout the examination I was really calmed! Thanks to my family & friends who gave me their thoughts & prayer! 

As for now I'm going to go through with the path I'm going now! Its gonna be another long ride but with God's guidance it will worth it. I received a calling from Him where it determined my path that I'm going. All along I was confused with the decision I'm going now. But with through His confirmation it made me realized that its going to be fine no matter what I have chosen. 

I've tried to join Church activities as much & pray as much as possible or just having a small quite conversation with Jesus really helps me a lot. It calms me down & felt so in peace within me. I am so blessed to be born in this family. Throughout my financial & self hardship really felt that nothing beats this. Even when I was in a financial problem somehow everything just solved out. Everything that happened are so miracle. So blessed and grateful with all family & friends that I've known.

For whatever reason was that every time I went back from vacation or holiday everything seems different as to before. The Chinese says that once you travel out from the country you will wash away bad luck & return with new beginning & luck. I always felt grateful to be able to travel to other country with family & friends. It relaxed our mind & bond better together. I love travel!

Now that examination was over, I'm waiting for my result on 20th May. Once the result was out it will determined my path. If I passed their college band requirement I'm going to have one month to sort out my documentation & everything that needs to be done. Its gonna be a hectic month for me as I will be flying to Perth on the 29th June with my Aunt. Once everything was confirmed it will be so hectic! No time to rest until I settle down in Perth! So much to do.

Anyway pray that everything will be fine and awesome! 

Till then
Cheers & God Bless!

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