Thursday, January 10

Selca Post!

*I'm warning you all! A lot of selca picture. So if you wanna skip it, you may do so.*

Make-up is the worst thing I've done. Seriously how can you wear make-up in such a hot weather but still can manage to look gorgeous!? I can't. Seriously. I salute all those who wear make-up even when they were shopping. LOL

I know make-up can make everyone look gorgeous but I'm more into comfortable style. My style is like t-shirt/ dress, short pant/skirt, bag and without make-up, and I'm off. 

Now I only did make-up when I'm attending dinner, party and performance. That's all. No more than that. Unless... I'm in a very good mood. hahahaha

But I'm still trying to learn about make-up. I like to watch Michelle Phan & Bubzbeauty youtube channel. Quite inspiring but with all the make-up tools and stuff. I can't afford it. hahaha So I'll be sticking to plain and simple make-up.

Eye-liner, bb-cream, foundation, and blusher for a very simple and nice make-up. I hate heavy make-up. Makes me look like a weirdo.

Just a simple make-up but a complicated technique. At least I can learn it. Buy the color palette and try out to make it perfect.

So yeah! Make-up is one of my most challenging thing since I have to wear spectacles too. I'm blind and I don't wear contact lens. When I'm old enough I'll get Lasik. Someday.

Cheers and God Bless.

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