Saturday, January 14


Hello guys! Its the 7th month in Geraldton. Its been freaking 7th month right now. Still haven't have a decent friend to hang out with. Like seriously where is all the fun??? I'm having my school holiday right now. So I'm doing my best to work as much as possible. All the work are tiring as hell. Working non stop for straight 4 to 5 hours every night at the restaurant. Hard works do paid off. Seeing my result in my bank account are so satisfying. I still have 17 more days till my new term start! I'm so excited with school yet feeling all lazy at the same time. 

Ever since I've started Indian restaurant I get lesser hours at the Chinese restaurant since Indian has good pay than Chinese. While I get the chance to work more I will do it. But its so hard to keep quite about it since I'm gonna get busted for not telling them about my second job. The manager at Indian restaurant are on holiday for 2 weeks. That's why I got the chance to work almost 6 days at night. The night that I'm available will be on Chinese restaurant. 

Now that I get lesser time in Chinese I'm a bit sad not being able to see my colleague and boss. So on the Thursday 12/01 I was condemned and reluctant to ask him out. Actually I was planning to ask for his number. I ended up not getting any of it when I was working that day. Again I blame timing. 😒😒 But it all start with courage. Do I have the courage to ask him out or not? Yeap I have no guts. HAHAHA

Then at Thursday night I was deemed and think a lot of scenarios in my head to ask him out. Like practically practicing the fuck outta myself to ask him out. HAHAHA I also pray to God and ask Him for the opportunity. Lord have been listening to my prayer and I took the step to ask him out yesterday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the best opportunities ever I've ever had. Like it just open the doors for me to step in with courage. 

We hang out in the afternoon. Like seriously hang out. We went to shop for grocery and helped him pick some pants. LOL Like seriously??? We were like dating. OMG. My boss and colleague were teasing us and smirking all the way until I went home. And I courageously asked his phone number OMG. Where do I get all the guts from??? I gave him my phone and he key in his number for me.  I haven't call or message him to let him know my number yet. Playing hard to get. Nah I just don't know what to message him.

All these overwhelming emotion runs through my head as soon as I calmed down. It reminds me all the things we did the whole afternoon. I can't stop smiling. And now everyone thinks I'm dating him. Yeah right. Hold on a second not that fast! Just let me have fun first. I'm not into relationship yet. Lets go with the flow and become close friend, learn more about each other first. Now is all good but we may need to get used to our different opinion and personality first before another step further. I may be interested with him but it doesn't mean he is. See how it goes. At least I'm getting open minded and more social than before. Hopefully. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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