Saturday, June 7

Off I'm flying!

I'm not sure if I had an amazing week or not but I know I made few progress in fitness. Been working out since I'm back from my Penang & Langkawi trip. Of course not that enthusiastic for everyday workout. I still have heaps of work to do. Finally renew my driving license which was awesome! I'm no longer P license. Renewed my passport as well! Super excited for this coming trip!


I'm going to head to Korea this time! I am super excited but I don't have high hopes of visiting lots of place since my grandma followed as well. Grandma doesn't walk too much lately so its kinda worried as well for her to walk whole day. 


Anyway the most exciting for me to visit Seoul, Korea is their delicacies. I'm obsessed with korean food right now. I wanted to try all their street food. That's why I've been dieting so hard right now so that I won't become a pig when I come back from the trip. lol Still possible of being a pig tho.

They say even tho Korean Restaurant in Malaysia are usually made by real korean but some of the ingredient are from the local so the taste doesn't really taste authentic as in Korea (mostly has Malaysian taste into it). So I'm really excited to taste their food. I've been drooling whole time looking at all Korean food at this time. I need to restraint a little bit. I'll be pig even before I'm going to Korea. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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