Thursday, October 6

Spring feels like Summer

The weather turns warmer. Sept to October is Spring time but as if now it feels like Summer. The sun in Aussie is no joke. It is blazing hot and my childcare center turned on the air conditioner. Everyone starts wearing shorts and sleeveless top but for me I'm still wearing cover up clothes. First is to protect me from cold cause I might not know the wind's crazy mind. Second I don't want to get darker as I currently am right now. I get dark easily and fast under the sun, to turn back to light skin color probably gonna took me months for that. I can't bare the mind on summer time. I'll be as dark as soy sauce by the end of summer next year. HAHA

Went to Quilt festival at the town last Sunday. Really amazed by the effort that these people took their time to make such beautiful and detailed sewing technique. Because it took so much time and effort it cost much more than we expected. Even the material they sold in the market were ridiculously expensive. 

After the Quilt market we went to one of the Aunties house to have lunch. Typical Chinese cuisine, hot and spicy. Still preferred Western style that they bought at the supermarket. HAHA Since they are from China my Aunt and I just listen to their gossip. Don't even bother what they are talking about anyway. 

This week fortunately I've got called to work at childcare center, I am so glad that I've got the chance to earn more money for my tuition fees and UK trip. Working at childcare in the morning and evening in the restaurant was tiring but it was all worth it. I have good resume on the list and earning money with honesty. I just wanna say that I'm blessed. 

I try not to get too greedy when it comes to money but money comes first right? I mean I will be applying another restaurant that offer better pay but due to the relationship with the Chinese restaurant its hard to accept another and apply. I don't even have time to work extra place with the current situation on hand. I'll see how it goes by then. Everything is in God's hand. I just hope everything goes on smoothly.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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