Monday, June 8


I think I have way too much ranting post. I always wonder if you guys even read my blog for no reason or just stumble upon without knowing it? I was absent at work today. I was lazy, tired and sick. I was sick of everything. At first I was really sick with flu and headache. But I went to the doctor, by then my flu was gone. I was practically fine. I was making it as an excuses for getting a sick leave form. Typical lazy ass girl I am. I fetch my friend and headed to Heritage Building. To pay our respect and tribute to the victim and heroes that lost their life. It was raining in such hot weather. 

Did you guys saw me?? I was holding an umbrella talking on the phone with my supervisor. Those guys were from suriafmsabah station. They were taking picture non stop. I was like, you pay respect and mourn for the people that was affected, Not to take picture all the way from start till the end. I even scold my friend for being like that. She kept on taking picture and video. I have to take picture of her as well. but then its always for publicity. To show off. I have nothing to say or comment about the social media right now. 

I didn't really have the chance to pray or have silence moment at all. There's few media as well. For interview session with some local people and suriafmsabah crew. I was like dragging my friend and run off as quickly as possible. I feel disgusted and intrigue with their act. Too much I must say.
Anyway running off to Asia City. Get our client's photo printed. I bought a USB drive at Hong Kong months ago. It was like super cheap, RM20. Somehow certain computer can't detect my USB drive. I was like wtf. I need to get my photo printed. Its for my own collection. I'm going to print, signed and sealed it with the frame. And one day I will open up an exhibit to show my photograph I've taken. This is my biggest dream in my whole life. Work hard. Its all about working hard for my dream and passion!

After that I went for karaoke session to release my stress. I've been stressing a lot lately out of nowhere. I always get anxiety and stress out for no reason. It was just depressing I guess. I haven't sang for so long. My voice is like chicken. Ugly voice.  Its not enough. I need more singing session. I need to swim. Swim for 2 hours or more as well. Its nice to swim. I've been craving!? Yes I've been craving for swimming lol. I swam last 2 weeks ago it was awesome and tired as hell. Swimming is my latest stress relief method instead of jogging. It cools me down faster.

So I went home and took a long nap. from 4pm til 7pm. I woke up feeling so much better but physically and mentally tired still. I think I'm stressing myself with work too much. With my work life going through right now is just too much. Lack of assistant and worker right now. I feel like I'm having too much work going on that I don't even know which to start first. Because all of the work I'm doing right now is just as important as it is. Its making me depressed. I've been making lots of mistake as well, making things even worst. Oh well either I go with the flow or change job. That's all I could think off. 

I'm sure you guys felt depressed reading this post. Its overwhelming and stuff happening. Oh Australia please grant my wish okay? I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for your confirmation. As soon as it confirms I will start my planning a.s.a.p. The faster the better. I hope everything goes on smoothly and well. I need to escape a real one soon.

Till then
God Bless. 

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