Wednesday, May 15


Lots of things happen lately. There's up and down. But all I wanted to say that I'm Thankful for things happened around me. Happy thing is last year I got into newspaper which the topic is not relevant to me at all. Its about scholarship, which I did not apply and they just use my face and publish into the news! hahaha

This year things got better! 

I've been joining loads of competition lately, from local competition to nuffnang competition. Oh I won the complimentary passes and featured in Breeze magazine for the month of April! hahaha I'm so happy that I won it but I lost my passes at home. Geddit?? I JUST LOST IT WITHOUT WATCHING THE MOVIE YET! Super sad and I got scold. LOL

Another good thing is a blogger reply my tweet!!!!!!!!!!!! T__________T Cause I decided to make my twitter none private, so I'm able to interact with bloggers, youtubers or whatsoever. hahaha Do follow me! VOOMEI  Its kinda a hard thing to make it public to anyone else. I need some privacy as well. But oh well i can share my privacy stuff with my best friends only. ☺

This is the latest competition that I've join! I got compliment being a smart lady. LOL Thank You who comment that. ☺Kinda overwhelmed and happy for the compliment, and the statement I wrote is true btw.

And also I'm thankful and happy that my bff passed all her subject and is officially graduated! I'm really blessed and thankful for all the good things happened around me, family and friends despite my bad attitude and other stuff. Feeling overly emotional lately due to my period. Never been so emotional before.

Anyway Thank You and I'm Thankful for everything. ☺♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless!

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