Monday, May 6

La Tango Ballroom Dance & Karaoke

Yeapppp Dancing mood is on again.
 Previously we went to Centre Point's upper level's cafe.
Which has dance floor, good food and karaoke as well.
But sadly the cafe has been removed and became part of the cinema. 
Few weeks ago we went for 2nd round after our dinner at Korean BBQ

La Tango Ballroom Dance & Karaoke! 
We found a great place to enjoy! 
Amazing people, amazing dance floor, place is near to our home, non-smoking place,
great for party or dancing, there's karaoke as well.

There's a wall display on the entrance! 
Such a gorgeous Latin shoes!
I want to own them. grrrrrrrr hahahaha

We have great fun, the music is DA BOMB!
I nearly go deaf. hahaha
If you want to have party this is a great place.
The place is at Iramanis, telephone go find it at Google. HAHA

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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