Friday, May 3

Korean BBQ Likas

Finally a decent food post. I think. hahaha For all meat lover this post is dedicated for you! This is the first time I enjoy meat so awesomely awesome. :P You guys should already know that there's 2 Korean restaurant which is on the upper level and ground floor in Korean BBQ Likas. 

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Previously a Chinese owner owned the ground floor restaurant, which provide Korean steamboat buffet. And the upper level restaurant own by real Korean, which is a normal Korean restaurant. But now Korean Steamboat Buffet has changed to Korean BBQ Buffet, automatically the upper level owner took over the ground floor restaurant. 

So basically, there's no steamboat just sizzling BBQ. Their marinated meat & their soup we're the best! Not much of food variety actually. I can even list down all the BBQ menu they have. Pork Belly, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Baby Octopus, cabbage, bean paste soup, rice, Korean pancake. That's all they have. Kimchi / sauces were only given extra when you asked. They don't want you to waste food.

Basically its a buffet and self service restaurant. Even tho not much of variety but I tell you SO WORTH TO TRY! CAUSE ALL MEAT!!! :P And its only RM30++ / person 

Enjoy the foodies!

Cheers and God Bless.

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