Tuesday, April 9

How Guys Propose

This is the best Meme of the Year! I have lots of friends plan to get married and soon to be married. So I kinda wanna talk about How Guys Propose based on my opinion and my surrounding environment (friends).

1. Mr Direct
~ This are the most impromptu way of proposing. Its like you do / talk without thinking on the consequences.  So the acceptance rate is obviously low. Other way, it could be that both of the partner is mature enough and ready for the next level of relationship without anything more or complicated.

2. Mr Property Investor
~ Instead of buying house together, in my friends situation mostly the guy buy the house first then later ask the girl whether she wanted to live with him or not. Basically like this, but still the same. HAHA

3. Mr Swearer + 5. Mr Resistance-is-Futile
~ Its really romantic way of proposing, mostly girls will accept since its romantic (5. Mr Resistance-is-Futile) and touched (3. Mr Swearer) but for me its kinda awkward cause I might reject anytime since it was being proposed in a surprise way or unprepared for the next level of relationship. If you're prepared for the sweet talk and romantic dinner then you may say yes. HAHA

4. Mr Make-Use-of-Friends (Could be parents as well)
~ I'm these type of people. Caused I like to push my friends to get married so I could become their bridesmaid HAHA. Caused sometimes guys are a bit shy or has great dignity that doesn't want to proposed in-front of people or giving sweet talk.

5. Mr Shot Gun
~ Most failure one and most effective in acceptance rate. First the guy just want to have sex, but the girl ended up getting pregnant. 2nd, the girl is willing to do anything to own the guy by getting pregnant . Its either one of it. 

Hope you enjoy my crappiest post ever. HAHA

P/S : Will update my trip post soon! Pinky promise :P

Till Then,
Cheer and God Bless

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