Tuesday, April 30

Colleague's Wedding

My first wedding invitation under my name!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I know I know lots of you received a wedding card under your name. It may sound stupid but I'm so happy cause its under my name for the first time. :P This year which was on 28th April 2013 it was my colleague's wedding day! 

I've attended her wedding ceremony last week. A Malay wedding. ☺  Her theme was purple! Which I did not follow anyway. 

They rented a small hall and decorated the stage prettily with purple and pink color. Very pretty ♥ We're having lunch there and waited for the Groom and Bride to arrived. Malay wedding is very different from Chinese. 

Malay one were more simple, morning to evening event, buffet and self service. Whereas Chinese  ones were tons of rules to follow, morning till night, church/ temple? , dinner would be in restaurant (non self service). I'm not really sure about it? hahaha cause I'm not married yet, so if there's mistake please correct me.

After the Groom and Bride finally arrived and awaits for the prayers & speech to be finished, I took photo with them ☺ ( Okay the groom didn't look into my camera at all. -.- ) Anyway we went home after taking picture with them. ☺ A very simple wedding.

Congratulation to the beautiful couple! May the years ahead filled with lasting joy! ♥♥♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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