Tuesday, April 23

Pastel Color & Happenings

Lately I've been posting a lot of opinion and things around. Maybe I should do that frequently! People tend to read my blogs because of these reason. So yeah back on track on blog again, gonna blog about things around me, happenings and stuff. I don't do advert anymore cause it just sucks, BUT if there's any business inquiry don't hesitate to contact me. LOL naoki_ying92@hotmail.com TQ! 

Pastel color still in the mood. Spring hasn't been outdated yet! So lately I've been attending dinner for free, so I might as well get back on dressing prettily, highly, and elegantly. I bought a lot of dress before my trip so I had the chance to wear it. Like finally. If I don't wear it I don't know when will I have the chance to. 

Anyway because there's dinner, I did some pastel color nails. I used light pastel peach pink, and light pastel green. At first I thought it would be weird. Seriously weird / odd, but it ended up a good match!

TADAAAA!!! NICE OR NOT?? (Don't mind my lack of skill in manicure ) Nice right! Been so addictive to pastel green lately that I just bought.

Also bought few things last week cause finally I get the chance to go shopping with my bff. YAY to me! Bought shorts, t-shirt and skirt in less than RM100! So mad cheap. I don't think its on sales right now but I still manage to find some cheap stuff. hehe

I also did attend the Food Fest Expo at the mall (since we're shopping at the same place). Kinda disappointed with this years event, very disappointing. Cause only a few stalls which is less than 15 stall. Last year's were bigger and a lot of food supplier attend and promote their delicacies (maybe because its in a shopping mall instead of trade centre)

Oh not to forget to mention that, there's International Understanding Day at the mall as well. So much of event going around in the same time. HAHA Its basically an event by Interact Club for secondary school. Each school represent each country, this year ALL SAINTS was Tahiti. I've never heard of it but sounds like Hawaii¿¿ Overall performance, their stall, their dance, their decoration, my ex-school got 2nd place among the others school. :D

Looking at them makes me feel like I'm so old. Seriously, I just went there or pass by their stall, all of them look so young! T.T And somehow these generation is shrinking, SO SHORT! So small and petite, even guys as well. Whats wrong with these kids nowadays¿¿ Seems like having eating disorder or puberty problem¿¿ hahaha Anyway I had fun ☺

Till then,
Cheer and God Bless.

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