Monday, April 15

Viral Videos

Lately I've been looking into Youtube A LOT! I mean everyone has Youtube account right?? You don't need to upload video just because you have Youtube account right!? And I've been subscribing a lot of amazing and talented Youtubers for a while now! I'm supporting them by liking their videos and sharing out :D 

Among these Youtubers there are amazing Malaysian Youtubers as well like JinnyboyTV , dmingthing , GermaniProductions and LOADS MORE!!! Well recently or should I say this month, apparently a lot of amazing video we're uploaded. So many amazing one. Here's a few one I like the most. :D 

Recently GermaniProductions just upload the most hilarious video EVER! I mean if you saw his video (above) you'll know what I mean. He uses Chinese songs and apply it to our daily life conversation. Such creative person to mix match the song into a conversation. I've been laughing throughout the video. :P

JinnyboyTV is at his best again in speaking our thoughts and action. Well Asian at works tells us how we act. The way we photograph a picture, selca (self shoot picture), picture 1st before eating and loads more!! 

On 13/04/2013, Psy's new music video has been uploaded in Youtube. Apparently everyone was waiting for this video for ages after the announcing of his new song called 'Gentleman'. This video is so viral which breaks the record of JB by having 10MILLION VIEW IN 16 HOURS WTF!!! So butt dance is in trend!! LOL

BTW I have a reaction towards PSY's video, the beat was amazing, can't understand the lyrics (need to find a translation on his lyrics), the cast for the MV were all my favorite people! The most disappointing one's we're the butt dance which is similar / totally the same as BEG - ABRACADABRA signature butt dance. Anyway overall was amazing! 

This is one of my favorite reaction video EVER! HAHAHA Featuring Ryan Higa :3 At first I thought that he would exaggerate his reaction by saying funny stuff, but all I do is staring at his face all the time! He's soooo cute :3 and he even wore earring :X Love him!! ♥♥♥

Hope you enjoy the video :D
Cheers and God Bless.

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