Friday, November 4

Halloween 2016

Back then no one really celebrate Halloween because it is not popular back in Malaysia. Fast forward today everyone was celebrating Halloween and my news feed on Facebook were flooded with tons of scary picture! I'm a scared cat person so I don't bother hang out or purposely dress up for such occasion. But this year lots of younger children dress up for Halloween, I just wanna hug them! So cute and adorable. This year there are small group of children came to our house. So we requested to get some photo taken.  

They all so cute! I just can't get enough all the children here. They are so adorable, sometimes cheeky and being silly. There not much party for adult mostly for children. Their parents guided and accompany them walk all around the housing area. Knocking people's door and asked for trick or treat. 

And I just came out from shower. I was waiting for them earlier but they didn't came so I might as well just shower first. Didn't know they came on time. I kinda panicked a little bit. HAHA Anyway after these group of children left none of them come anymore. It was my first time experienced such spontaneous day. I truly have fun seeing them and being all hype up with all the chocolate they have gotten. Can't wait for next year.

As soon as the clock strikes 12am everything turns into Christmas mood. All the shop starts selling Christmas decoration and all sort of food special for the big day. It is so festive and I'm hype up for Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas and before that need to work hard for my study! Less than 1 month till I finish my Cert III!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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