Sunday, August 17

22th Birthday

First of all I want to thank God that I'm still alive and have been blessed in so many ways. For all the people that wished me I'm thankful. Thank you Queen B. I have been really emotional lately. Little words makes me all teary. Its been a roller coaster ride for these past 2 years. From working, time, family & friends, emotion and a lot more. I always told myself that I have no more time, as if I'm going to die anytime. 

So whatever decision I've made have been the most struggling. Because every time I looked at people, I wonder what were they thinking? Do they even have passion or dream to strive for? Why going for a save path & settle down? I've been envision big achievement and success. Doing for passion & live life to the fullest is my motto. 

To tell you guys the truth, I'm so scared of these path I'm going through right now. I'm so scared that my vision will fall apart and most importantly changes. But I still want to experience harsh critic & failure. Because I want to stand even taller than right now. Things have been really smooth lately with my passion as freelance photography. I do hope it will go on better as well. 

This year's Birthday wishes makes the hardest wish to wished for. As a human we are a greedy person. We want this, we want that, we want everything. I myself is a greedy person. I want to wish a lot, career, love, family & friends, & world. I wonder what will I wish for this year??

Just like the song The Walker by Fitz & The Tantrums "Feel it in my soul, Really mean it mean it, Gotta feel it your heart it takes control" I have to feel it through my heart & let it make the decision for what I really wanted for all. Was it for myself or for other people? I have so many to wish for. But this year I'm going to wish for something stupid. 

Oh and Happy Birthday to me! Another wiser year ahead! <3

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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