Sunday, October 16

Beach Day

Now that the weather is turning warmer there's lots of event going around lately. Last week Sunday was full of excitement in the town. There's a private ship display and concert at the town beach. Unfortunately I did not go to the concert I was working that night. Visited one of the display at the bay and enjoy a short walk.

Of course mandatory things to do. Take as much picture as possible. Even tho the weather turn warmer but the wind is still cold. Then we headed to the beach and dug baby clams. We've got one container full! The water was cold and the wave was so strong that day. Practically soaked on the bottom. Nevertheless we dug tons of clams and enjoy the hot sun outside. It was cool and fun.

That week later it seems that I caught the flu. The weather were like playing with me. On Monday the weather was really hot but on the next day Tuesday it got colder. I was like oh shit definitely getting the flu. So I've been sick for the past 3 days. Still on recovering mode now. 

15 MORE DAYS TILL NOVEMBER!!!!! OMG My workplace assignment just got harder. I don't even know whether I could finish it on time. I'm having a hard time to finish my workplace assessment. Trying my best to finish the shit as soon as possible. Need to plan my strategy right now. I couldn't even think of not finishing on time. I have exact less than 2 months to complete 4 new units workplace assessment. OMG I might just write the crap out of it. 

Anyway, I've been spending money at least every month. I couldn't resist sales. HAHA All the beauty product that I've brought from KK almost at its finish line. HAHA So I've order online at innisfree especially their mask! BUY 10 FREE 10 OMG It a great bargain for mask! Not to mention 15% off for new members. MY GOODNESS! Double the fun. 

Anyway gonna restrict myself from spending more since I need to save money for my next term dafuq! I need to think about the tuition fee for next year. I gotta save up more for the next 4 months. So I can pay for the next term. Gahhhhh so much things to do and save money right now! Hoping that everything will be alright. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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