Wednesday, November 9

5th Month in Geraldton

Real short update for you guys what I've been doing lately. I have exact 1 month left before I complete my Cert 3. It was kinda stressful for me or partially stressful. HAHA I've been rushing my theory and workplace assessment as much as I can within this 1 month. I'm progressing pretty well. Sometimes I just don't know how to write a decent description in the report! So complicated especially in English. It's really hard to describe a situation using solely English when I have more than 3 language in my head running. Its pain in the ass.

I've been a night owl for the past month and I have Panda eyes right now. I can't even stand the pimples that have been on my face forever! I need facial to make my skin pretty ok! The weather in Geraldton is pretty good. The wind is chilly whole day. Except for the bloody prickly sun. When the sun shines through my body it hurts and burnnnnnnnn with just few minutes. Sunscreen is the top selling product of the year! HAHA Sunscreen everyday is a must but sometimes I forgot about it. The weather gets even dryer during the summer, I might be dried fish soon HAHA.

I can't wait to finish my cert 3 and enjoy my holiday! Not to forget earn some money for my tuition fee and travelling as well! Woohoooooo! Planning to go down Perth City for Christmas! Jingle Bell Jingle all the way! So excited for this festive season! I going to miss caroling this year! T.T

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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