Friday, December 11


I woke up super early today yet I was snuggling an hour on the bed. As usual woke up getting ready for work. I did a really short 3 minutes exercise & stretching. Then I realize I forgot to take out the bread in my bag. As expected it was full of ants. Cleaned my bag and found this Thankful note I wrote months ago?? 

Sorry for the poor writing & spelling. Probably wrote it without double checking. lol Immediately after reading this Thankful note, I am blessed. So blessed in all any way. Its really hard to be positive all the time, especially all the things I've been through lately. Somehow it boosted my confidence & strength enough to be so productive today. It gave me hope that I'm always capable of achieving all things through His guide. 

Being positive & thinking positive is hard. We usually encounter unpleasant event everyday whether its big or small. We do encounter positive & happy things but we usually forget. But when things get hard we couldn't think any positive way. Despite all the struggle I am really thankful & blessed. I think all these little bits of everyday life happened is planned by His almighty.

Be positive & think positive & feel blessed.

Cheers & God Bless!

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