Sunday, October 21

Antarabangsa Line Dance 10th Anniversary

To tell you the truth I don't even know why I join this dancing group. I think I just followed my mom into this dancing group. Weird me. I've join this group for than 2 years. Or should I say, joining them during my school break. 

I've always attended their party or event held annually. Maybe because I only wanted to eat. I never like taking picture when there's event. Because I look old. =.= Sudah lah this dance group is Line dance, everyone is Auntie and Uncle. My goodness! I look old when I'm with them but they look young when they're with me. WTF! (It's true) 

It was the first time for me to perform in this dance group. I only performed 2 years ago. Now I'm back because of my size. LOL I'm fat so they chose those who has the same size to perform the dance. WTF Anyway the party was held at Port View Restaurant. Everyone in this party is a dance freak except youngster that went to the party. HAHA. 

The birthday cake is delicious! It was homemade butter cake sponsored by one of the dancer. Each table has one small cake to share! I ate 2 pieces! Yummy yummy :P This time the party wasn't that huge than 8th Anniversary. 8th Anniversary party was the biggest event of all. Mascot of Snow white and 7 dwarf, Mickey n Minnie, Donald n Daisy, Goofy n Pluto, Jester n Bucks Bunny! You can view my Previous old blog post! 

The theme this year was summer breeze! All wore Hawaii theme costume for the opening dance. After that some changed or took off their costume, cause the string sticks on your leg when you sweat that night. I didn't bought and dance for that. I look ugly and fat please.

I didn't bring camera that night. Cause mom forbidden me to bring. LOL Cause we have performance that night! Our performance was the last one that appeared. 

Seeee!!!! All same size people! =.= THEY EVEN LOOK YOUNGER THAN ME. D: People even say my mom look like my sister. OMG I'M OLD! MOM IS YOUNG :( tsk tsk tsk!

Basically you can guess what dance we're dancing already. Oppa Gangnam Style! All the spot light was actually on the Auntie that wore white shirt with blue stocking HAHA She doesn't look like Auntie right!? The costume make us laugh whole night. The crowd was awesome too! 

We just practice for two times and already perform that night. The DJ sucks please. Open the Orang Sabah Style! Supposed to be the original song. Luckily they didn't record the first part because we paused in confused due to wrong song!

At least we have fun that night! Another good memory to be remembered. There's still a long wait a head of us. 

Cheers xoxo <3

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