Saturday, January 5

New Year Eve Dinner!

A normal Monday. But its New Year Eve! Last day, last month, last year of 2012. Its such a long journey in 2012. It feels like everything just happen yesterday. Still have a fresh mind and vivid feelings, as if I just came back from my trip last year 2011. 

Anyway since New Year Eve falls on Monday, I still have to go to work as usual. I felt quite different because I somehow felt a bit festive since Christmas just passed over not long ago. So mom was able to return home early that day since a lot of people took leave. I has no half day work!!! T.T

Since mom was home early she prepared something special for New Year Eve Dinner! I'm happy! :D Can you feel it!? Can you feel it!? LOL. Basically mom bake pie with lots of meat and potato inside. LOL

I can't think anything of good name of this dish. Ingredient for this pie inclusive of meat balls, potato's, onions, hams, chickens and cheeses that cousin bought back from Europe, Oh! and some herbs that goes well with anything that is in western style!

Apparently when we cut it into slices it broke apart. Basically its a failure. LOL It taste good anyway. We finish the whole pie!! Its HUMONGOUS! Almost weight in 5kg Oh...... IT IS!!

Sweet and sour crab as complimentary dish or should I say our side dish!? HAHA Too much for being side dish. Yummy......*drools* *wipe off my saliva* *gulps*

I'm quite happy during our dinner time. We sit together and spend our family time together go through a fantastic dinner. Waited for the neighbor to put up fireworks and end our night with goodnight sleep. Such a great night to end 2012 and welcome 2013.

Till Then,

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