Tuesday, January 8

Dinner at Luigi Malones with BFF

I'm used to it buying groupon now. Worth it buy it, worth it buy it. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can view my previous post on Groupon Fever. This time we bought dinner set at Luigi Malones! Their Restaurant were featured in Everyday Food I Love too! Featured Post!

Groupon are worth buying when its cheap. Its really great that a lot of Restaurant now a days in KK were having promotion in Groupon. We can try it. If its worth next time we'll definitely be back there again. 

This time I asked my BFF if she wanted to dine in Luigi. So we bought price of RM50 for two person. Quite reasonable for western food.



There's lot of choices to choose for the appetizer and main course! Its really hard to choose cause all my favorite!  But we ended up choosing Fried Sotong and Fried Mushroom with breadcrumb! 

For the Main Course! We chose Stone Bake Seafood Pizza and Luigi's Lasagna! Two of us can't even finish the Pizza! I love their food! Not bad actually. Lots of cheese tooooo...... Yumyum!

Lastly for the Dessert we ordered Apple crumble and Choco Profito (the name...errrr I forget the name, some sort of puff stuffed with Ice cream in the middle). We didn't finish the apple crumble not even half eaten. Such a waste! We finished the ice cream tho. Hahaha

Its a very great place to dine in with family and friends. Recommend to all of you food lovers! Try it out!

Cheers and God Bless!
Till then.

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