Saturday, December 22


Lately I've been seeing few of Facebook and Twitter friends getting abs man. Their body is already so nice, petite and s-line figure still need to get abs. But their abs doesn't look overly over like this.

This is too much for just being a healthy girl. Meh.. Actually I'm influenced or inspired or just wanna be like them or following the trend of having abs. LOL Since everyone is getting abs so why not I myself get abs too!? Or at least get a flat tummy!?

I've been eating in a healthy way now except for Sat and Sunday. hahaha From Monday to Friday I've always ate home cooked meal without oil at all. (Unless there's occasion or something that doesn't allow me to eat home cooked meal with no oil at all. LOL)

It really works when I eat non oily food + the stress I have in work, definitely or at least did let me loss some weight. But I know that's not enough! I need to exercise as well! I'm lacked of exercise lately. After the performance I've stop dancing, the class will open next year.

Now I'm making a wishlist or a bucket list or to-do-list. Basically its a list that I wanna achieve.
1. Getting a flat tummy or an abs
2. Get back my flexibility (Split both legs on my 21st Birthday which is also at my prime age!)

I used to split on my Cheer leading and performance. No kidding! Even though I'm in big size I have a good flexibility in splitting. Last time, I used 1 month to train myself to split for the performance! (I can't do it now! T.T It takes more time because of my age)  Now all I do is to complete my list and I'm satisfied!

I hope I can achieve just these Two list before my 21st Birthday! *fingered crossed*

Cheers and God Bless!!

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