Monday, January 21

A random night

Note : Picture might not be favor for some viewer. So if anyone wanna skip it you may do so.

Avery very random night when Dad went to outstation mom and I have nothing to do. So we......... made sushi. HAHAHAHA -.-
Since I was craving for sushi, so why not I try to make one. 

Prepared salmon, crab meat, seaweed and of course rice. I actually used plastic to roll it up instead of using bamboo roll. It was quite fun to roll it up. My first attempt to roll is quite horrible.


Basically the rice doesn't stick together. I don't know why it doesn't mix well. So apparently the looks were 100% fail.  Mom and I laugh so hard cause it's really huge in size and ugly. 

At least we still finish it up. I love the one with seaweed because the aroma and taste is the best. I'm gonna try to make again next time. The next time you guys see it will be definitely nicer than this 100% *fingered cross* HAHA

Till then,
God Bless.

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