Tuesday, January 15

Fan mode!

Fan mode is always ON when it comes to Asian America. Hahaha. I've been catching up some Youtubers for almost a year now. I don't even know when I started to love them or admire them as a fan more than real celebrities.

When I was younger back then around 17, I started to online. Since we moved to new house so everything was new including all latest tech gadget. I just came across wandering around Youtube back then and looked into their video. But I had no idea who they were. 

You know lah those youngster like to click click click without knowing who they were nor know where they were from. As time goes by, social media and all tech stuff became so strong in our life we just couldn't  stop knowing every single people that is not famous to absolutely infinity famous people. 

Basically I came across knowing WongFu Production because of their name WongFu. hahahaha I literally thought they were some sort of REAL WONG FEI HONG! HAHA But then I scroll and watch every single  video they produced. I was quite amazed.

And because of them I found other Youtubers as well. I fell in love with them (as a fans). I began to follow their Youtube, Twitter and like their fan page in Facebook. I have a Youtube account but I don't post vlogs or short video. I just came across being a fan by watching their video and like their video as supporting them. Sometimes I do comment but not every single video, just some.

One thing that every fan has in a dream. Is being followed or comment by their admire or celebrity HAHAHA.

Did you saw it!? Did you saw it!? David Choi personally DM me!! *fainted* I don't know why he did that. Even though he just messaged me personally and generally asking me to like him on facebook but I'm okay with it and I'm so HAPPY!! I can't reply his message because my twitter is private and he didn't follow me!! D:

I don't know if anyone of you received the message as well. But I feel honored and happy just because he asked me to support him. LOL *perasan mood* Okay this messages was way way way back then. But now I still wanna share it with you all!  *shows off face* HAHA :P

I think its good to interact with fans more often. Because as a fans we will definitely wanted to be noticed by people who is famous or a celebrity. So yeah. Just sharing my thoughts tho. hahaha Hope all the people you admire will talk to you! I hope celebrity will follow my twitter and talk to me. T.T Hopefully. Fan mood-ing now! hahaha

Cheers and God Bless!

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