Monday, October 29

Praise the Lord!

Maybe its a fate that I got the chance to go to the church concert. It's my first time to go to this kind of concert in my life. That's why I've ask my friend to accompany me since my mom is lazy and dad just came back from outstation that day. I'm really excited and look forward for this concert and keep asking my friend to accompany me!

My friend brought her sis too since I've got 3 ticket from my supervisor. It's also my first time entering GCC. I'm amazed and amused by the fact that their auditorium is HUGE! More like a theater or concert venue.

The concert started around 8pm and finished at 9.30pm. All night we sang and Praise the Lord. To tell you the truth I really felt amazing at the concert. I sang along with the lyrics and slowly my hearts open up again. I could feel that my shoulder were less burdened. All my sin and burden were partly gone.

I have eye bag. :(

Every time I went to confession I couldn't feel any relieved nor my sin washed away. But there's a particular year where I went to confession in front of Father Chung and Lord, that one particular day where my heart and shoulder were relieved, opened and I teared (slightly teared a bit). 

Every time I went to confession I always seek back the feeling of relieved after confession. That's the feeling I want. That's what makes me stronger. And now I felt again with just singing the song and praise the Lord at the concert! I felt amazing. I felt stronger, happier and lighter. (no lies here)

You gave me hope, faith, strength, happy and a beautiful me. Thank You Lord Jesus!

God Bless Everyone! <3

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