Friday, October 12

5 minutes away from home

How many days I didn't touch my blog. I did log into my blog but I'm just too lazy to click 'New Post'. Lazy ass me. During my jobless period I am so free that I nearly blog everyday (almost). But now since I've started work I'm too lazy man.

I've been catching up with my Korean drama 1 episode per day is good already. Sometimes line sucks too. BOOOO!!! Now that I've finished catching up with 'To The Beautiful You' drama, it means that more update on people's blog and youtube! Yay to me! LOL!!

My topic today : 5 minutes away from home

It actually means that I go to work / my parents send me to work or back only requires 5 minutes. Yes I don't exaggerate it. My working place is so near my housing area. I can woke up late slowly take my time. Even if I arrived at my office around 7.50am its still not yet open. Can you believe that!?

Office no open = No punch card
No punch card = Time not recorded
Time not recorded = Consider absent
Absent = No salary
No salary = Dead!

HAHA I was just joking! People here were nice and friendly. Almost working in a new company for 2 weeks. So basically I still have a lot of things to learn and understand. Once I've mastered all the account I'll be the only 1 that control everything (sounds like a boss) :P Not quite yet till control everything its just that I'll be the one that handle account alone. BOOO!!! Major BOOOO!!!

Most awesome thing is that I have my own covered cubical ( nobody can see what I'm doing unless that person is standing LOL), also a personal comp and free staff refreshment (breakfast drink, milo etc.) More convenient for me to do my account and some privacy. Not so stress for now, but slowly I think it will when I learn more. Learn more = more work to do. I still haven't decide whether I should go study or not. Maybe or maybe not. Will see...

Enjoy the one of the OST 'To The Beautiful You'
J-Min - Stand Up

Cheers and God Bless!

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