Tuesday, October 23

Veet It Off

Are you ready for beautiful smooth skin that lasts? VEET® hair removal products are a perfect way to remove unwanted hair on nearly every part of your body no matter your skin type. I personally love Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream. Smells so good ;)

Using Veet hair removal cream was really amazing. After usage it makes your skin smooth, beautiful and lasts longer than shaving! I usually use it when there's occasion. Simple and easy!

Just spread the cream over your leg or armpit or wherever hair that needs to be removed (except for head's hair) HAHA and wait for exact 3 minutes and just removed unwanted hair with the plastic shaver provided. It doesn't hurt your skin at all and it turn out good. 

Veet gives you smooth and hairless skin in quick and convenient steps! Then flaunt your confidence with your newly revamped outfits – cut it into a new style, fold it for a better fit or even tie it to create a whole new look! 

Join and showcase your revamped outfit and stand a chance to win RM10k worth of prizes, including a feature in a magazine spread! So Veet It Off and & reward your confidence! For more info visit their official page at Veet Malaysia

Cheers xoxo

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