Friday, October 26

Random Saturday

Ah yes a typical normal Saturday. I was wondering what other people were doing on their typical Saturday!? Or like me!? Working from morning 8am til 1pm then head home for lunch. Last 2 week ago mom and I went to Sabah Trade Centre were there's food, tourism and hospitality exhibition. So we went there after lunch.

Basically they promote more on delicacies! I didn't took any picture there! I really regret didn't bring camera that day. D: Super sad! Those who went there early definitely didn't miss the show of a foreigner showing his techniques and skill on how to cook French or Italy cuisine! I was too bored waiting for the food to cook. So we went around the other booth. 

And we discover CHEESE MAYO!!! OMG!! Its a type of cheese sauce especially the one KFC usually used for cheesy wedges!! Only Merdeka Supermarket is selling it! OMG! Going to get fat soon if we really bought it! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! HAHA

I totally forget the real name of the package but I'm sure and confirm it is Kraft brand and the plastic is in yellow color. I Google and I can't find it. Too bad! No picture was taken until I was home.. :(((((( 

There's a lot of free tasting food! From cake to siew mai to cracker to ice cream to soya bean drink! Just go and get some free tasting food! 

( This picture does not belong to mine, it belong to their respective owner. Thanks)

I tried out English Tea house scone cake! I'm in LOVE!! The scone itself is delicious but if added their signature lemon cream sauce and strawberry jam IT TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!!

One day I will definitely go to there and enjoy their tea! Super loved! So mom and I wandering around other booth and try out their food! Not bad. But there's this particular booth that sells Angry Bird fish cake =.=" The coloring was just too artificial and the taste is a little bit disgusting. I don't know how they manage to make it like that. Mai goodness! Don't even try buy color food. It's not appetizing and healthy at all. It only attracts kids. 

(A little bit dirt sorry bout that I forget to wipe it off before take picture. Paiseh lah. :P)

Nice to see, Nice to hold, But once tried out consider dislike. HAHAHA

Got free mini cupcake! I didn't try on the day because I'm too full from tasting other booth section! I ate it on the next day! Delicious! This mini cupcake was actually from Ascot Academic. They demonstrate and taught kids how to put pretty decorated cream on top of the cupcake! So cute right!? 

Then cracker's from cracker booth. LOL. They are giving these cracker so that we would buy their crackers. I didn't buy it tho. Unknown brand, not bad actually. Haha

My ugly face for the ending!! I have ugly eye bags and pimples. I filtered this picture! (fake face :((( ) 
That's all! Too bad I didn't brought camera. If not this blog will definitely longer!

Cheers and God Bless! :)

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