Monday, October 22

Never Ending Shopping!

Who doesn't like cheap stuff?? I really don't believe if no one like cheap stuff. Every one like cheap stuff!! Recently I don't even know why I was involved with the performance this coming 10 Nov. Maybe because I suddenly join the performance on my dancing group's Anniversary party you can see it on my Previous post!.

So the dancing teacher says why don't you all perform again on 10th Nov, the event is bigger and KK is  hosting it. I was like WHAT!??

When it comes to big event for performance it means that you need to spend more money on costume. If it is just for our anniversary party we usually wear same color costume and don't even need to spend money at all. But when you were involved in a big performance one thing that must not be missing is shinny and beautiful costume.

Basically our costume will be tailor made and we were partly sponsor. And the problem is my mom. She doesn't have silver Latin shoes, mine I borrowed from dancing teacher. Luckily me. So mom have to buy one.

Instead of asking dancing teacher help mom buy. We buy it online. HAHA! Since mom's colleague knows the supplier so why not we buy it from her since its cheaper!

We actually find which one we like at and then tell the supplier and confirm which one then pay online or cash. They will eventually help you to buy it directly from China. Easy peasy. After paying all you do is wait!

Usually I thought that order China stuff would take AGES! But I was wrong again! This time it arrived 9 days after ordered! Super fast! Maybe they send it by Air Freight. So it's faster! Woohoo I'm super happy when we arrived early. hahaha LOL

Mom bought 2 pairs one was Latin shoes and other one is dancing shoes (shown below). Latin shoes was a little bit disappointed since the cutting was a little bit off. Dancing shoes is perfect tho. I never buy shoes online cause it never fits me perfectly. I don't know why China people's leg so tinny!? 

A little bit reminder for those who wanted to buy shoes online. Don't expect too much especially those who are big size like me (size 8). It will never fit perfectly unless you've bought it before or you really trust the brand or whatever it is. :)

Enjoy your online shopping peeps :D
God Bless! 

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