Thursday, November 1

Groupon Fever!

How can you say no to cheap food, vacation, hair treatment, slimming package and MOREEEE!! So many that you can't even choose. LOL I've sign up for for than half a year already. I think I saw this website when one of my ex classmate share this in her facebook. 

Nothing beats off my curiosity. So I take a look at the website. Apparently Kota Kinabalu has groupon offer! I didn't know it until I saw it. I was like asking my dad if he wanted to buy or not. Since it's my first time to buy groupon online. Everything turns out quite okay for me.

From Hair treatment to manicure to slimming package to massage to FOOODDD!!! I LOVE FOOD!! I've been buying food groupon every time. When the offer attracted me then definitely it's a deal! I love to buy food groupon that is worth for me and my family to enjoy.

I just saw this on the website! Korean BBQ Set is in groupon's offer!! Nobody buy it yet cause the offer just started! Grab it while its HOT! Hahaha 

As you can see in the arrow pointed, you can just sign up by connecting with your Facebook. Easy Peasy!! Effortless!! After you've sign up all you do is just go to the link and click buy! You can even buy as many as you can. Buy one free for me please!? :3 

Every time you've bought the groupon there's a record. Each groupon you've bought has a code of course and you definitely can't use the groupon multiple times only once.

This is the display of the voucher on the computer screen! Just print out the groupon when you need it. Don't forget to read the terms and condition! Each type of offer is different!

Here's my groupon *wink* This time I've bought Hi-Tea Buffet and Saturday BBQ buffet last 2 weeks ago!!  I still haven't got the chance to go yet. Busy with stuff and my dad outstation :( Will get to dine in within this month.

Cheers xoxo

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