Sunday, April 30

Unexpected turnover

Five days ago today, 260417 marked the saddest day of our life. It was just a regular day for my aunt, uncle and me. As usual we woke up early and get ready for the new term. We all woke up and greet each other 'Good morning'. I am excited and anticipated the new term of school and ready to push myself to finish my assignment on time. Everything went on smoothly in my usual routine. After school I went to work in the Chinese restaurant. I'm having most fun and enjoyed my time with my friends. I've been having so much fun lately not one thing that crossed my mind came. 

I went to my friend's house dinner almost every night after I've finished work. So its like a usual routine for me. Called my aunt to pick me up from my friends house after dinner. Got into the car thinking ''Where's Uncle?'' Usually Uncle follows aunt to pick me up from work or places, but that night he wasn't there. All I was thinking ''Did you guys have a fight again? Your face looked like you've cried.'' As soon as my aunt drove on, she started to cry and hold my hand trying to comfort me instead she was sobbing in despair and sad trying to explain things to me. 

When my aunt told me that Uncle passed away, I still don't quite get the grasp of it. It was such a sudden news that I felt so unreal. All I was doing in the car was kept asking question to verify the news was real. The tears in my eyes were uncertainty and doubt, as I don't quite get it yet. Long story short, Uncle was gone when we all went to school. Aunt went home after shopping and saw him lay on the floor unconscious. Sent to hospital and declared dead. So everything happened in the afternoon without my knowledge and contact.

To think I would got the news on the way back home still wasn't in my mind at all. Everything only make senses when the next morning came. I looked strong on the outside but mentally I'm drained. But not as frustrated and mentally drain than my Aunt. She's the strongest. I went to work on Thursday afternoon at the Chinese restaurant and childcare later on. I can't hold back tears when I entered the restaurant, however I got up and work to distract my mind.

So I stayed at home whole day on Friday doing nothing. I wanted to help but unexpected thing came up and tons of work my aunt need to deal with. So let along me helping her with all those adult talk. All I could do was to support her no matter what decision she made and clean the house as much as possible. On Saturday both of us felt so much better. I decided not to stay at home. I can't help with anything anyway. So I might as well go out and relax, find my friends to hangout, decided to work  at night last minute and ended the night  having dinner with bunch of them 💗

I am so glad and blessed to have understanding friends here to support my aunt and I. They really made my day better even tho I am terribly exhausted. They distract me in a good way, keeping me on track making sure I'm alright and talk about anything to make me feel better. It was tiring but it was so much worth it to just take a break and to really think about myself. As of today things are alright, both of us got back on track and I'm getting back my own routine to study and work. As for my aunt she still need to deal with tons of things on hand.

I just wanna say that life is definitely fragile and unpredictable. 
Appreciate life and do what you love. 
Don't ever stop believing and move on to a better self. 
Love life and living to the fullest. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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