Tuesday, May 2

Little bits of odds

To be honest its really hard to really recall back what kind of things I've done the pass few weeks. Time just went by so fast I couldn't even get the grasp of it. I just got the hang of it recently. This year are the most awesome fun times I've having in my life. I'm having the fullest of my time. 

Starting from January, February to March, I'm starting to make more new friends and hang out with them so much I couldn't tell how well we've known each other (not really tho 😅). We practically hangout as much as we can and have our most random conversation we could have. 

My first dinner with Hong Kong'ers! My circle of friends right now are practically all from Aussie, Hong Kong, China and Taiwanese. There's only one Malaysian friend that I'm close and familiar with. So basically all Chinese speaking and Cantonese environment I'm currently hanging out with. 

I just wanna say I miss my Joanna! I miss her being my best companion and our friendship was the shortest. Saying goodbye to her was the hardest part. Because I cherish our friendship we had together. But nonetheless I have the most fun with her until we parted our ways after our Easter holiday.

He randomly send me picture, so I shall upload it randomly! HAHA

I was practically eating ice cream and thinking what to wear on our April Fool Costume Party Our town are real small that we could bump into each other anytime anywhere. It was such coincidence to met Nicole while I was in town with Nurool. Any way long story short, we were discussing about our party for April Fool!

I could definitely tell that I lost few weights while I was in Aussie. The current size I'm wearing are mostly M/L & 10/12 it all still depends on the cutting and material. But at least I'm being self conscious about my health and body right now instead of being 80KG weight two years back ago and I'm currently 68KG!! More weight to loss. Worst nightmare to look back and think about it.

So the boys were posing their muscle out and act cool. Laughing our asses off! 😂😂

Our happy and tired faces during our BBQ session with them! 

Our tired and real dark faces after our Albrolhos Island trip! We can't help being productive that day. Woke up early in the morning ready for island trip. Sun bake from morning till afternoon, then at night ready for the BBQ session! We girls do all the cooking and food preparation too. Can't help with guys slow and worst preparation method, so we take over! Albrolhos Island post coming up soon! 💗

We were having our awesome and blast night! 
So much fun night with them bunch. 
So happy and glad, all I couldn't ask for more. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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