Sunday, April 23

Beach Day

Beach day was literally the next day after our April Fool costume party at night. I stayed over at Joanna's house so its more convenient for me to go to town. Had a short dipped at the beach. The weather was pretty good but the sun was scorching hot, strong wave and strong wind. After around 30 minutes of sun baking session we went to McDonald to buy some cold drinks. Perfect for sunny beach day.

As soon as we bought our drinks we head back to the beach and went under the shade cause the sun was really bad and hot. We started to take tons of boomerang again and did all sorts of jumping and action. Which was hilarious! 

We literally chill all day, enjoy our time together. So happy and blessed to have them in my life! I miss my Joanna 😢😢😢 Couldn't have fun with her anymore ever since she went back to HK. I miss her so much! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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