Tuesday, April 18

Saying goodbye is the hardest part

When I first decided to study abroad, I didn't sign up for parting. All I was thinking were meeting new people, be free with myself and become close with them. Even when I left KK to Aussie all I was thinking was exciting new adventure ahead. But I didn't know saying goodbye was the hardest part. Not in relationship cause I have not reach that part yet. It is friendship that I cherish so much. Spending time with person you cherish is important because we go through and enjoy things together. That's what makes our friendship last.

Not knowing that time passes so fast and time we spend together was shorten. All the time we spend together talking, laughing, dancing, sleeping, pampering ourselves, walking, eating, all those little things we did together were the hardest part to forget. 

I am a person who takes time to open up to people. Cause I take time to approach and shy to talk with people. But she is the only one I click real fast in short amount of time. We instantly became so close. She's literally my sister! All the time we spend together are all so precious. 

Thankful to have meet you in my life Joanna. Everything happen for a reason where it fills up throughout our life. It is one thing I couldn't ask for more. All were here for a reason. To tell you guys the truth being here in Aussie is one magical thing in my life. It gives me chance to learn that people do come and go. Some will remain some will not. Cherish and appreciate every moment in life. Feeling so thankful and blessed to have met them in my life. Love them much 💗💗💗

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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