Sunday, April 23

April Fool Costume Party

The day before April fool, I got told that there's a costume party at the Keith's house. At first I was like costume party on April fool?? It must be a fool to us. I don't even have a costume to start with. So I decided to do a make up instead. I don't know the others costume for the party so we were all excited to see each other's costume. 

As soon as we entered the house we were all so happy and excited to see each other. As if we went into a real costume party. Some were real good! I did the make up for Sam, the Pirate of the Caribbean. I can say that I did a good job but his costume were the best of all for me, second was of course Batman then thirdly was Joker! 

Nicole was a Japanese waitress, Nurool was a witch 
and I'm Harley Quinn (not the outfit but make up part)

My accidental partner with boxers on HAHAHAHA

We literally goes on taking picture for two hours straight, posing all sorts of action and using boomerang for different action. Because we started off pretty late due to busy night in the restaurant. Nonetheless we laugh our asses off in this party and ended with good night! So happy and fun to join them in this party. More awesome party to come!

Till then, 
Cheers and God Bless

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