Tuesday, April 25

Sunset day

As soon as the clock strike 12am to 1st of April, things kinda change all around. It was like life changing for me to be honest. I wasn't expecting much throughout the month of April but it happened to be an awesome month for me. The first day of April we had the best April Fool Costume Party and second day of April fool was pretty much the best thing in my life too! I got to chill on a lovely day Beach Day. At the dawn we headed to bluff point beach to watch sunset. 

Took tons of video and photo on a lovely day. It was pretty awesome. Such a nice day to end our night. Tons of laughter and talking. It was real nice nice nice nice nice day. Got to hangout and enjoy our simple day means a lot to me to relax from all the work and studies I've been doing. More blog post coming soon! Our Easter holiday trip to Perth OMG. 😁😍

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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