Sunday, June 29

Mama's Nyonya Cuisine (Penang)

Lets talk about food!
I love food! 
Who doesn't love food? 

This was way back during my trip to Penang!
Thanks to the amazing driver who recommended this restaurant to us!
Upon arrival to the restaurant what we saw was that there were no customer at all.
We were like, "Is this the correct place?", "No one is dining."
As if we walk into the shop at the wrong hour. 
Actually all the table were booked, but they still let in customer to dine in.
Nonetheless we looked through the menu in confusion so we asked for recommendation.
Always ask for recommendation for their specialties. You might be surprise. 
Picture time! Its all the food we ordered.

Stirred fried pork with petai, it has some hint of dried salted fish. BEST!

Vinegar braised pork. 

Curry chicken

Fried tofu skin wrapped with minced pork!

The best asam curry fish

Stirred fried wild vegetable with egg

Stirred fried mix vegetable (not sure about the name but this is really good as well)

Otak otak

Almost finished!

Not to forget their dessert!
Pulut/ black rice dessert &
coconut melon with yam & tangyuan desserts

The filing inside the coconut melon desserts has yam & tangyuan inside!
Super delicious! Similar to Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Ball).
The tangyuan was without filling & not in round shape as you can see above. 
Even tho I cannot differentiate between authentic Nyonya Cuisine but
this one is the best meal in Penang I have to say.
I love all their food. I don't know how to describe the taste just go for it I'd say.
I miss Penang so much! Especially their food. 
Go check this place out. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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