Wednesday, June 4

Penang Day 2 (Part 1) : Breakfast, Market & Penang Hill

On Penang Day 1 : Arrival  we went for stroll around Penang Town. 
On the second day we went visited more places since we have whole day.
We started off our day really early, so we could fully utilize our time. 

Off to breakfast at the famous mee rebus & hokkien mee.
Apparently in KK hokkien mee is really different than the Penang one.
In KK usually Hokkien Mee is stir fried thick noodle with black sauce with lots of pork lard
but in Penang Hokkien Mee is actually Prawn mee or Har Mee which we usually called.
So don't get confused when you all order hokkien mee in Penang but it came out prawn mee lol.

Some amazing antique architecture.

Then we head on to morning market,
But first let me take a selfie! hahaha

Fresh homemade Poh Piah skin. 
We bought lots of stuff in the market, mostly food btw and some shopping.

We went to Penang Hill after that.

Like Mother Like Daughter. :P

Penang Hill has amazing view, but the weather wasn't that good for long.
It started really foggy & soon it rain. 
When we head down the hill it rain heavily it practically flooded. 
Shoes were wet our body were really sticky & uncomfortable. 
Despite the bad weather we continued to explore the city. 
More on part 2 on our 2nd day in Penang. Stay tune.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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