Sunday, July 6

Penang Day 3 : Ferry Terminal & Langkawi

We were heading to Langkawi this time. 
We were supposed to be planning to go to Hatyai but that time it was on curfew.
Quite dangerous for us but now its ok to go Thailand right now.
Woke up super early to catch the ferry. 

Looks like sunset but actually its sunrise. 
Super nice & amazing weather that time.

Angmoh babies! Babies everywhere!

Langkawi is super easy to go with. 
Just rent a car and we just go with the map on hand.
My mom was the driver! 
Most trust worthy & of course I'm the one who guide mom with the map whole journey.

First tourist place to visit.
Langkawi is most famous with ointment oil. 
We bought a lot actually and it could last really long.
And its good when there's aching body, it sooth the pain from the heat of the ointment.

Heading to Cable Car!

Lots of places to walk around the cable car. 
Enjoying the view & did some shopping as well.

I didn't went up to cable car. I have acrophobia please. 
It was creepy & the cable car is really small. I cannot.

On the way back there's bunch of wild monkey came down from the tree to look for food. We didn't really feed them it might cause an uproar like getting into our van or might die eating our human food, but we enjoy looking at them. So we head down to town, and go for more shopping & dinner as well. 

We had so much time shopping for chocolate and guess what!? I found my favorite champagne. I bought 2 bottles of it and it doesn't even cost RM80 for 2 bottles. The last time I had that champagne it cost me RM110/bottle. That's why I found something good at this trip! Duty free state is the best!! I want to go back Langkawi again! Oh that champagne is called Martini Asti. 

I have to say this trip to Langkawi is the best, we haven't actually really visited all the places. There's a lot more places to visit in Langkawi. I'll definitely be back to Langkawi again. Read my previous post if you haven't in Penang Day 1Day 2 (part 1) & Day 2 (part 2)

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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