Friday, June 27

Not so vain picture

Do I look pretty?

I think I look pretty.

I am pretty!

Sorry guys, my inspiration just flied off from me. 
Procrastinate at its finest.
Being all moody and depressed.
Still can see my eye bag & pimples after 10000000000000x level of photoshop.
Photoshop win all liao. No. Eye bag & pimples win everything. 

You see something happened.
For you guys its an everyday drama,
but for me it destroy my life forever. 
When I say forever it means serious. 
Its going to change my life forever when it happen.
And its going to happen soon.
I'll get into details when I'm over it.
Its going to be extremely, ultimately awesome story to read.

I have a lot of thoughts running in my head,
but I decided to keep it for myself. 
Sometimes its better to keep everything just by ourselves 
even tho you knew you'd suffer. 

Maybe I should take more vain picture so my blog post won't be boring.
Not until you guys meet me in real life. 
I'd might scare you all off. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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